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SubHeader rollover state fix

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We are currently evaluating the upgraded theme, and noticed that the default state of the Menu Subheader from 9.1 to the new theme has a rollover state.


We entered a ticket, and here's the response:


“Took me a little time but I see what your talking about. In 2012 the subheader was bold and black. In 2016 it is now bold and white due to the grey/black background. But on mouseover it turns purple.

Clearly they did design this to do this, but I really can not fathom why, and such things are then pointed to an enhancement request because there is nothing wrong or broken here, but it is a disliked feature. Because writing up a bug for something not broken gets closed as will not fix and FAD.”

Anyone else see this issue? We would like to avoid a custom CSS for now."



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