Tab Orders with Multi-Institution Roles (Multi Campus Environment)

Idea created by jannakruckenberg on Jul 13, 2017
    Under review


    We are in a middle of a system-wide consolidation to one LMS (Blackboard of course) and found a feature change that would be great for a multi-campus or even an environment that uses many institution roles to deliver tabs.


    If a user has a Primary Institution Role (example Campus 1) and a Secondary Institution Role (example Campus 2) depending on the tab order the user may not first see or “land” on their primary institution's tabs.  he concern is that the user will not see important targeted information and announcements from their home Institution.


    It would be great if tab order could be based on institution roles, in particular, that the tabs available for the Primary Institution role would be the first tabs that appear in the order. 



    Janna Kruckenberg

    Product Version (if applicable):0