Student-Generated Graphs In Test Questions

Idea created by kpbaier on Jul 12, 2017
    Under review

    Apologies if this exists already, though after extensive google searching and searching the forums here I could not find exactly what I'm about to describe.


    I am an Economics instructor and I recently started using the online tests tool in Blackboard for my weekly quizzes. I really like the versatility of the tests tool and am very happy to have found it! However, many of the questions I want to give my students would involve them "drawing" a graph that includes some axes, lines, points, and labels. Currently on Blackboard, there are test question options like "Multiple Choice", "Short Answer", etc. However, none of the options I see currently allow students to generate their own graphs inside Blackboard. There is the one option where students can upload a file as the answer but I don't want to assume every student has a scanner or high-quality smartphone camera.


    Essentially, I'm curious if it's ever been researched on how to put Microsoft-Word-level graphing tools into a test question for Blackboard. If some third-party addon exists or some other way to do this, I'd greatly appreciate being pointed to those tools.



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