Single Sign On for Bb Student / "Blackboard" app

Idea created by aw21431 on Jul 12, 2017
    Under review

    At present, it is possible to link a student directly to a course outline (other areas are available) using the uri bbstudent://course/[course_id]/outline, however we are able to provide our student with a list of their courses in an existing, authenticated web application.


    What I would like to see is a mechanism where by our existing external web application can generate a SSO link that works with the bbstudent app-to-app schema, using the usual invisible to the users key generation / validation methods.


    e.g. bbstudent://sso/_unique_time_sensitive_key/ts/_timestamp/user/_user_pk/course/_course_pk/outline (other areas are available).


    (Other SSO methods are available, but this could be one that uses a key shared between the external web application and the Blackboard Mobile Services B2, hashes it with the timestamp and user pk1 for example)


    The aim would be to allow students to log in only once, to the primary web application (e.g. campusM, MyDay) and be SSOed to Bb Student.




    Product Version (if applicable):0