Beter monitoring of SIS staus and control of Jobs and tasks

Idea created by david.hallam on Jul 11, 2017
    Under review

    Particularity when performing a large batch of course copies it is hard to keep a track on SIS jobs when they are running.

    A notification is given when the new course is created and one when the course copy is complete. However is course is very large then they appear out of sequence in the SIS log.

    Which makes it harder to keep track of how a batch is going.


    It would be great to show the system tasks for SIS in there own section with the SIS log files.


    A really great feature would be if you could pause and clear the current SIS processing, so if you hit a problem you can resolve it as a customer.


    Blackboard MH Support have been great when there is an issue but would be better to be able to self resolve SIS issues.

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