Combining Like Quiz Essay Questions for Grading after Randomization

Idea created by shardwick on Jun 23, 2017
    Under review

    One of our new faculty created a randomized essay question this past week and after the students had taken the quiz, quickly found out that Moodle will *NOT* group the questions together so that she could grade all the "like" questions together.


    A quick scan of the Moodle Community forums turns up that another user was literally just asking this same thing.

    (See Moodle in English: Combining Manually Graded Questions )


    And it was pointed out that it is on the Moodle Trackr.

    (See [MDL-49626] Manually grade randomised essay questions by question name - Moodle Tracker )


    Not sure if we should be contributing "Ideas" for baseline Moodle, but I certainly think this one would be useful!

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