Restrict access to Bb Collaborate Ultra recordings

Idea created by ab38030 on Jun 23, 2017
    Under review

    Has anyone using Bb Collaborate Ultra LTI integration (building block) had to deal with the issue that you cannot restrict access to the session recordings to just those enrolled on the course?

    We have found that anyone sent the link copied from the browser window displaying the recording can watch it. Blackboard has said it is designed to work in this way but I'd like to propose that:


    1. The recording should be restricted to those enrolled on the course by default,
    2. And you could generate a separate 'share link' if you wanted it to be publicly accessible to others outside of Blackboard.


    As a UK HE institution, our IT Dept and Information Management Dept have serious concerns about the current design default and particularly managing the disparity between any participants’ (staff & student) likely perceptions of being in a “closed community” when taking part in a recorded session and the potential reality of wider dissemination, in particular, raising awareness of users about this without counter productively emphasising the shareability of the recording.


    Is this an issue for other institutions using the Ultra building block? Is your institution happy with the possible legal and reputation risks this presents?

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