Expanding Joule Grader to Display TurnItIn Status

Idea created by shardwick on Jun 22, 2017
    In development

    Our faculty have requested something that I think is a valid and useful feature request to make.

    Our faculty like the Joule grader for ease of grading. However, Joule Grader does not support TurnItIn Direct V2 assignments. That is okay we thought, as we requested and got the TurnItIn plagiarism plugin installed that taps into Moodle's baseline plagiarism architecture. However, even using the plagiarism plugin that utilizes Moodle's baseline plagiarism API, it doesn't display in the Joule Grader.


    So our request is...

    Could the Joule Grader for 1) baseline Moodle assignments and for 2) advanced forums display the plagiarism ID, the plagiarism status, and a link to the plagiarism report. These items all currently display in the baseline Moodle locations. I will attach a document to display them.


    After Student Submits


    After Processed by TurnitIn


    As displayed in the standard Grade form and where it might live in Joule Grader

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