Course Role (Advisor)

Idea created by carl.kuzmich on Jun 22, 2017
    Under review

    Hello again

    Every institution that uses Bb has the need for a "course role" for student advisors, possible details:

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    Role ID:A
    Role Name in Courses:Student Advisor
    Course Availability:Yes
    Organization Availability:Yes
    Description:Prevents active engagement in a course, but, exists to permit an advisor to "follow" a user, exactly like the "Observer" role works in the community system. Except this is a "course only" role, because I can only advise one student in one course.


    Since I'm recommending the "observer role" as the basis for this "course specific" role, the existing code only needs to be slightly modified to cause it to work at the course level, rather than system-wide.


    My two-cents,


    Product Version (if applicable):0