Course Copy Confirmation

Idea created by jb28572 on Jun 22, 2017
    Under review

    Every term, we have instructor who instead of copy from their source course to their destination, instead go to their destination, browse for their source course and execute the course copy backwards.  Generally, this does little to harm, as the destination course tends to be empty, so nothing is copied in, but it has occurred that a course with content is copied backwards, essentially destroying what would be the intended source course.


    As a potential idea, after clicking submit on the course copy screen, rather than executing the copy, Blackboard would drive the user to a course confirmation page, which not only would re-spell out the details of the course copy, but would display in an iframe the homepages of both the source and the desination section, allowing for a visual preview of what is about to be copied to where.  The user executing the course copy must already have permissions to both sections, so there's no permission issue in loading the iframe for the given user.  As an additional note, since the content in the iframe would be clickable (which wouldn't be desired from this screen), a transparent non-clickable div can be layered over the iframe, to make it appear as if it were a screenshot of the course.



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