Course/Module Copy Settings

Idea created by ow0047271 on Jun 22, 2017
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    We create a lot of content for academic staff for their courses and each year we create them a new course; they are then tasked with copying over content from their old course to their new one. However, we've changed the default theme this year which means when they do their standard 'Course or Module Copy' and click on 'Select all' it is going to tick the 'Navigation Settings' option by default and override our lovely new theme. Annoying! Another, slightly bigger problem, is we use Grades Centre and by default the box 'Grade Centre Columns and Settings' is also automatically ticked on 'Select All' which means all columns will be transferred to the next module and as we create our assessments by feed it will be next years course will have double the columns.


    Apparently this is not a feature by Blackboard so I would like to request it. Can we have a System Admin setting/tool somewhere that allows the edit of the Course Copy tool and what it does. Ie something that removes the 'Navigations Settings' box or, When 'Select All' is set 'Navigations Settings' is not ticked.


    This would be incredibly useful.




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