Self documenting adaptive release functionality

Idea created by feeney.linda on Jun 21, 2017
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    I teach an online class. To keep students on task, course activities are released at set dates and closed at set dates.


    I am also Director of E-Learning and my office supports the campus use of Blackboard. As such, we have been called upon to provide information in the event of grade challenges. One of the explanations offered by students is "I didn't know the dates for that assignment."


    Here is an example of how I prevent that excuse in my course:

    1. Item - Displayed as soon as the course is available -- "Quiz 1 will be available on September 18" -- This disappears on September 18

    2. Quiz 1  -- adaptive release set for September 18 - 25

    3. Item - Displayed beginning September 26 -- "Quiz 1 is now closed"


    As you can see this means that every time I update my course, I have to edit three different components for anything with adaptive release -- the availability notice, the component itself, and the closed notice. This is very time consuming.


    For any item that uses adaptive release -- I would like to have an option built into that component to specify and display a message before and and after the release date. That way, I only have to edit one component instead of 3 and my students get the desired information. We can specify the availability dates why shouldn't we also be able to select an option to display opening and closing messages?

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