Breakout groups - additional functionality

Idea created by mn0054774 on Jun 19, 2017
    Under review

    We have been using the breakout groups and came across some hurdles, as a result I am adding this request to see if we could have the following improvements:


    • Make the default 4 instead of 2 groups eg. we find that we require a minimum of 4 groups if not more, changing the default would help greatly (or the ability to change the default?)
    • Ability to use the same breakout groups in a session eg. if the facilitator brings participants back into the main room for a brief discussion then wants to send the participants back into a breakout groups, the breakout groups need to be setup again
    • Ability to adjust the breakout groups settings, after they have been created eg. at the moment these breakout groups need to closed to be able to set up again if any changes are required
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