Modify a Rubric or Marking Guide

Idea created by eb37350 on Jun 16, 2017
    Under review

    Now that rubrics allow for negative scores, could a modified version of the rubric or marking guide be created to allow an instructor to simply click on those criteria where points should be subtracted?  In my example below, the assignment is worth a total of 50-points.  The instructor grades the assignment and only clicks on (green filled cells) the (- 4 point Room for Improvement) under the "Content" criteria and the (- 2 point Good) for the "Resources" criteria.  By only selecting these two criteria, the instructor uses fewer clicks, and the assignment score auto tabulated by subtracting 6 points from the full points of 50 giving the student a 44/50.


    Reverse Marking Guide-Rubric.png

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