Dial in number

Idea created by emunoz on Jun 16, 2017
    Under review

    A couple of suggestions for the dial in in Collaborate Ultra that would make life easier for a lot of people in here at least :-)

    1. We have a local number where to call, but the number does not appear on the room: there is a standard number and in order to be changed, we need to put a case in Behind. Why not set that local number already for local clients instead of having to ask? Can the procedure be changed so that a client in Spain gets the Spanish dial in number on the rooms and not the standard one?

    2. The message once you call is in English. Our folks are Spanish speakers. If you put a Spainsh number where to dial in, the logical thing would be that the message that you hear when you dial in is Spanish, right? Can we *please* get a localized message?



    Product Version (if applicable):1