Force the Review Test Submission screen to obey the Show Test Results/Feedback settings

Idea created by runaway on Jun 14, 2017
    Under review

    Part of the test-creation process in Bb involves completing the Show Test Results and Feedback to Students screen that allows instructors to specify how and when test results and feedback should be shown to students. One of the choices permitted is to specify that the results (and any instructor-designed feedback) should be shown to students only after a particular date/time. Unfortunately, such settings are partially ignored when the test can be auto-graded by Bb (true/false, multiple choice, multiple answer, etc.) . For auto-graded tests, the Attempt Score is included on the Review Test Submission screen immediately after the student clicks the OK button on the Test Submitted screen. Although students won't get answers to individual questions or the instructor-designed feedback until the date/time set on the Show Test Results and Feedback to Students screen, they immediately know their total score for that attempt when the test can be auto-graded.


    When an instructor chooses to block users from seeing the test results and feedback until a certain date/time (e.g., after everyone has completed the test), the expectation is that the attempt score itself will be blocked until the specified date/time, not just individual question results and feedback. Please consider adding this functionality in a future release.


    Perhaps the easiest fix to the problem would be to merge the Test Submitted screen and the Review Test Submission screen onto a single screen that does not include an Attempt Score. Such an approach would ensure that the Show Test Results settings are followed for auto-graded tests as well as those tests that can not be auto-graded.

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