Test tool – Multiple-Part Test Items

Idea created by keadkins on Jun 12, 2017
    For future consideration

    For some of our tests, instructors need to post a scenario (or a problem) and ask students a series of questions about that scenario. The block (scenario and series of related test items) should have the ability to be randomized. Right now, it appears that instructors must post the scenario or problem for each test item. For example, if there are five questions pertaining to the same problem/scenario, the problem/scenario must be repeated five times.


    Example:  Q1 multiple choice, Q2 short answer, Q3-7 block (containing Q3-mulitiple choice, Q4-multiple answer, Q5-matching, Q6-short answer, and Q7-essay), Q8-muliple choice, Q9-multiple choice, and Q10-essay, Q-11-14 block (containing Q11-multiple choice, Q12-short answer, Q13-muliple choice, Q14-multiple choice), and Q15-essay.


    In this example, the instructor would have to repeat the scenario for each test item -- Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, and Q7.  The instructor would also have to repeat the problem pertaining to Q11, Q12, Q13, and Q14 with each test item.


    The items within the blocks should stay in the same order but the blocks should be able to be randomized. In the example, you have two blocks (Q3-7 and Q11-14). The randomization will allow some students to see the Q3-7 block at the end of the test as the Q11-15 block, and other students may see the Q3-7 block at the beginning of the test as the Q1-5 block.

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