New Group Tools: Team evaluations and Group Share

Idea created by keadkins on Jun 12, 2017
    Under review

    The group tool is too basic for the robust online courses we develop. We would like to see these modifications:


    Team Evaluations: Having to upload paper documents or use outside tools (e.g., CATME) for team evaluations requires too much effort for the students. I believe Blackboard could configure a version of the survey or peer assessment tool to create a team evaluation tool. There needs to be a way to list each team member, identify the member providing the evaluation, use a rubric to award points, write comments, and post point totals to the grade center. After the evaluation period, students should be able to see their individual assessment and comments without revealing the team members who submitted them. 


    Share Groups with the Entire Course: After groups complete an assignment, the group members should be able to share the discussions, wiki, journal, files, etc. with the entire course.

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