More granular permissions - Role-based at the content level

Idea created by suydam on Jun 8, 2017
    Under review

         Every block of text that gets added to any page on our website has the full suite of role-based permissions.  So on the website, if I added a section to a page called "Netiquitte" I could lock that down so it's not editable by instructors, but is editable by the IT team.  Conversely, I could lock the IT team out of editing something within the course itself, but give them permission to change the verbiage in a tech-support course-item. 


    Just below that, a block of text called "Syllabus" could be edited by anyone whose role I enabled.


    It's pretty powerful, it's pretty standard in a CMS but not in any LMS.  By adopting a feature like this, Blackboard could leap ahead of other LMS options.  Furthermore any school using a "Master Shell" methodology for course development (which we do have here) would be able to grant access to certain items for editing, while locking-down other items.

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