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Idea created by pb0043294 on Jun 8, 2017
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    I have a faculty member on my University that has a specific need.  Here it is...


    A large part of my work is with students with disabilities to arrange accommodations.  A number of these students have issues with anxiety which often impacts their response to timed tests.  If an instructor posts test in Blackboard with time limits, there is a time status bar that shows on the screen, and moves down the screen as the students works through the test.  While intended to help student keep track of time, for many students it totally derails their ability to focus and think.  Ideally the individual student should be able to turn the function on or off at their discretion.  I don't know what is possible within Blackboard in its current form.  If not currently possible, student control of the time status function needs to be established in the next revision of Blackboard.  Tests create enough anxiety for students without adding to it.  Be in touch if you need further explanation.


    I know this is not currently available and the other option would be for the timer to be off and using a proctor.  However, as the faculty member has advised, this would cause more anxiety than the timer



    Thank you for your consideration


    Paul J. Bussiere


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