Enable themes for Organization Sites?

Idea created by mh0054240 on Jun 1, 2017
    Under review

    Our University makes widespread use of Organisation Sites to engage students who are studying the same general subject area (eg Nursing) but may have different specialisms (and won't therefore share course sites).  We also use them as umbrella sites for students from different subject areas who are participating in shared projects (eg Peer Mentoring Scheme for International Students).


    The sites provide an important central hub of information relevant to that group and also help build a sense of community amongst our students (and staff!)


    We'd really like to be able to customise these areas with themes in the same way that we can our course sites (currently) - to make them feel more welcoming and help distinguish them from each other (thank you to @uos_mle for demonstrating this more visually than our own support material does at the moment).


    Does any one else use Organisation Sites in these ways and would any one else find themes useful for them?




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