Adaptive Release changes

Idea created by clint.brooks on May 25, 2017
    Under review

    I suggest changing adaptive release to allow the following:

    • Adaptive Release should regard all empty Grade Center columns as being worth zero points, or at least offer the option for users to set the specific Adaptive Release command to regard a Grade Center column in that way (a check box that says "treat fields with no attempts as having a score of zero" or something similar).
    • Adaptive Release options for scores should allow numbers with decimals to cover scores that include them and rounding up. Currently, only whole numbers are recognized as scores in the Adaptive Release tool.
    • Adaptive Release should never include a test, assignment, or other graded item in the Grade Center list if that item is the one being adaptively released. It is not uncommon for instructors to mistake the "attempt" option as something that encourages students to make an attempt, whereas what it really does is create an insoluble loop, where students have to have one attempt at an item in order to see the item.
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