Collab Ultra : video thumbnails and choose who to follow

Idea created by yoleneors on May 25, 2017
    Reviewed by Product Management

    The default behavior of Collab Ultra now is that is shows whoever is speaking.

    This can be disturbing especially when some users have background noise which gets them to pop as main speaker regularly.

    Besides, in the context of office hours for example you may want to see not those who are speaking but those who are listening actually, because face expressions and body language are important cues for communication and understanding.


    Ideally we'd have thumbnails of active videos and each user can choose who he wants to see on the main screen by clicking on the thumbnail. He could freely switch from one to another. Or tick a box that says "follow the speaker". (Like in Collab Original).

    By default it would be set to follow the speaker and we'd have thumbnails, clicking on a thumbnail would result in seeing that video "sticky" in the main frame and thus deactivate the "follow the speaker".

    Product Version (if applicable):1