Collaborate Ultra - please include Polls in recording

Idea created by malcolm.murray on May 24, 2017
    Under review

    Currently polls do not feature in recordings of a session. This means that if a poll is held and the Moderator does not read out the results, no-one viewing the recording will know what the poll question was and the results. Equally, if a Moderator fails to note down the poll results during the live session, they too will not be able to retrieve this information.

    As such this significantly reduces the value of the polling tool as a stimulus for thought/challenging opinions, where it is important that a record of the result is kept.


    Please could the team look at whether it would be possible to capture the poll results in a recording (when it is displayed to all students).
    For extra credit, it would be nice if a summary of Poll results was available in the session report. If you really want to make use of analytics, it would be even better to have the votes recorded for each user (possibly anonymously) so that you could see if these change over the session.





    Product Version (if applicable):1