Enterprise Survey Improvements

Idea created by mh21485 on May 23, 2017
    Under review

    We are having difficulty with managing Enterprise Surveys deployed to terms. My institution currently use terms unconventionally to identify and organize courses by their weekly end-dates for the sole purpose of delivering course evaluation surveys to them. Despite our best efforts to assign terms to the courses we want to survey and deploy the survey to just those terms, faculty have found a way to change their course's term assignments through including course duration settings in Course Copy or Import processes. This results in courses being included in surveys when they shouldn't have been and has an impact on the results. Example: upcoming summer courses that have not even been taught yet being included in a spring end of semester course evaluation survey.


    We recommend that the Enterprise Survey tool be re-designed to include a course tagging  or labeling feature that faculty cannot hijack through their course management tools. We would like there to be some kind of course tagging or labeling system for Enterprise Surveys that is separate from the course duration/term setting to make delivering Enterprise Surveys to courses based on end-dates more secure and reliable.

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