Responsive Design in Ultra

Idea created by rd0049918 on May 22, 2017

    Our institution plans to create an intranet portal that will house a suite of school-based applications for its users (administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents). The portal's architecture will be analogous to iOS and Android and will offer best-in-class applications, some of which include:

    • Blackboard Learn
    • Blackboard Connect
    • PowerSchool SIS
    • Cambridge University Press eBooks
    • Alexandria Library Management: e-Catalog and e-Reservations System
    • School Bus GPS Tracker and On-Board Live Camera Streaming
    • Fee Payment Gateway
    • Virtual Locker (Personal File Storage Space)
    • IBM Connections
    • Microsoft Office 365

    Each application will possess SSO integration with the portal, hence eliminating the need for multiple logins. Since the portal will be accessed by our faculty and students using tablets, what is Blackboard Learn's plan to create a responsive design for its Original and Ultra views - one that will accommodate all form factors? We want a responsive design for Blackboard Learn that flows well with our portal's responsive design without the need to download a Blackboard Student App. Most learning solutions are already transitioning to responsive design and we are surprised that Blackboard Learn still requires users to download an app when they could modify their LMS architecture going forward.

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