SafeAssign should report on content uploaded that has been created using Text Spinning software or content that contains mixed character sets

Idea created by sgardner on May 19, 2017
    Under review

    The use of Spinning software to create essays or assignment submissions has been increasing.  Using (, as an example, a paper uploaded into SafeAssign shows zero results. Turnitin, on the other hand, does catch this. 


    Our testers, who compared documents uploaded to SafeAssign and Turnitin found the following:

    "Whilst we did find some inconsistencies with the way Safe Assign fails to match some “spun” text (where certain words are changed) the real issue was the failure to detect “visual spoofing” where different font character sets are used:


    Safe Assign Originality Reports do detect the presence of different character sets, but still return a 0% match on the results screen in Blackboard. Unless the Safe Assign Originality Report is viewed, there is no way of knowing that Safe Assign has detected potential visual spoofing (see images below). Turn it in not only detects different character sets, but converts it to standard characters and then scans the text for plagiarism. "



    Discussions with Blackboard Support and Product Development indicate that this is FAD, and there is nothing in their plans to change this behaviour or display.  At the very least, providing some information on the first screen would at least alert the academic they need to delve further into the report.  They have recommended adding an enhancement request to get this on the roadmap.

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