Pyramid - Course Activity when editing Notifications

Idea created by Ian Holder on May 18, 2017
    Under review

    We were told:

    Although the course sites are not available to students, they are still able to edit the notification settings for the course sites and this activity is counted as an access related to the course sites.


    This came about after I queried why, in the Course Activity perspective, we had student accesses prior to the courses being made available to them.


    I can see why this may be labelled a Course Access, just, but I'm not sure it should be.  I am happy to be voted down by the community, hence me raising it here, but I do believe Course Accesses should be what it says on the tin - accesses to course sites.  Not editing a notification setting, not viewing an announcement on the dashboard, etc.  A Course Access should mean a student [or staff member] accessed the course site itself.


    Could Blackboard consider changing this in a future release?  Even if it is adding distinguishing types to anything labelled as a Course Access would be an improvement as we could filter by these.


    We use Pyramid a lot for data exports to Excel and manipulation of the data therein [as the drill-ins provided more detailed information] so getting accurate counts is important to us.




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