Distribute content to multiple group Discussion Boards

Idea created by billde on May 16, 2017
    Under review

    An instructor sets up random groups in a course, including in each group a Discussion Board as an available tool. These are small groups with about five students assigned to each group. Any remaining students are distributed among the groups. This is a course with a large enrollment so the instructor ends up with a high number of small groups.

    The instructor enters the Discussion Board for the first group and creates a thread (for example, asking the group to reflect on this week's reading). This is the first of many threads to be added to the group throughout the semester. The same identical thread (with the exact same wording) needs to be added to all the other groups. A way to copy these threads over to the other groups would be welcome. Or a way to use a form that distributes any content entered to all the groups.  In the current versions of Blackboard, the instructor has to manually re-create the threads in each group.

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