Two dimensional Community System institution roles

Idea created by klemmif on May 16, 2017
    Under review

    The Community System allows you to build out Bb Learn to a portal and display user specific content based upon institutional role memberships. However, as the  institutional roles are one dimensional you need multiple roles to e.g. display department specific information, or info based on year of study.


    If you wish to target student by department you need to set up one institution role per department. It's the same for year of study, or any other entity.


    In my case I'd have to manage 32 different institution roles in order to display info by department,  7 more to display info by faculty, etc.


    I'd like to see two dimensional institution roles in the Bb CS so that you could e.g. create one called Department and then assign all apartments to it.


    If institution roles were 2 dimensional you'd have many less roles to manage in Bb.

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