Increase contrast of icons against background in Learn 2016 theme

Idea created by jie.shen on May 12, 2017
    Under review

    In Learn 2016 theme it seems only one icon set is used against both dark grey and light grey background.  For example the ↑ ↓icon is used both at the top of the main
    content area and in the menu area for arranging position of items. The background of menu area is dark grey and background  of content area is light grey. The ↑ ↓icon in menu area almost blends itself into background. This causes accessibility issue which is high priority on Blackboard product design. I have raised support ticket and there is no solution or workaround as change to background colour in Learn 2016 theme is not supported. Please add separate sets of icon for different background.

    Product Version (if applicable):0