Problem with Grade Center "download" to Content Area

Idea created by feeney.linda on May 11, 2017
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    I make it a practice to backup my Grade Center before and after a grading session. To keep all course content together, I save the "download" file to the course content collection.


    However, there is a minor problem that needs to be fixed.


    Suppose that you are new to the practice of saving the Grade Center.


    1. Access the desired course

    2. Control Panel, Grade Center, Full Grade Center

    3. Work Offline, Download

    4. Save Location, Content Collection, Submit


    This gives the error message "Error saving the file to Content Collection."


    So, repeat the process and modify

    4. Save Location, Content Collection, Browse, Submit (to save at root level)


    This action yields a pop-up message "Use the check boxes to select items"

    To the average person, this is quite puzzling. Select what?


    It turns out that this process insists, without informing the instructor, that the Grade Center export file belongs in a folder.


    Armed with this knowledge, repeat the process

    4. Save Location, Content Collection, Browse... the next logical step is to create a folder. Unfortunately, this option does not exist in this browse mode.


    So...The workaround is to create the folder first and then save the backup file to that folder in the Content Collection.


    How would anyone know? The average person is not going to take the time to figure out the workaround.


    Please fix this. Allow the file creation at the root level and/or allow the creation of a folder at the time of download.  At very least, please provide a pop-up message that tells the end user what is needed.

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