Support exporting of Feedback and Marks stored in Rubrics

Idea created by sa0046713 on May 10, 2017
    Under review

    The problem:

    More staff are being sold on the benefits of using Rubrics when marking.  Feedback to students is an ongoing priority for our University. In some case, it can be valuable for students to take feedback out of Blackboard for further review.  In other cases we would like to take outside of Blackboard the feedback and breakdown of scores that form a completed Rubric - this may be for printing, or for further processing/analysis.


    Requested solution/enhancement:

    1. All rubrics should be easily printable by students.  Printing problems exist throughout Blackboard, but the real sticking point for many relates to feedback.
    2. Detailed rubric scores breakdown and personalised feedback should be exportable to CSV file.


    Additional comments:

    I can see this being feasibly for many areas of Blackboard where rubrics are used, but not all.  For example, exporting of Rubric information for Assignments should be doable, but not the "File" type question of a Quiz as the file download is already quite details and downloading of Rubrics would break the column format.  Rubrics downloaded from Assignments could feature students in the rows and the score, standard feedback and personal feedback for each criterion in the columns.


    Would be good to see this make its way into Learn, but would equality welcome seeing in in Ultra ready for when we make the jump.

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