Activity "play back" feature

Idea created by mr35101 on Apr 28, 2017
    Under review

    It would be nice to have a "play back" option to fall back on that would detail the path of clicks and activity that the students follow. Right now, when a student challenges a test submission, etc., all the logs and DB info have to downloaded and parsed. I don't expect something that would show an animation of the student's work. Rather, a more human-readable assembly of log entries pertinent to the student, course, exam and, possibly, the exam question...all of which are easily found through their PK1 entry, along with time stamps. I can even imagine this as an add on product (dibs on the names "Blackboard Play Back", "Blackboard Replay" and "Blackboard Rewind") similar to Analytics and Collaborate to offload the processing from the LMS. I can hear people say "just use Splunk". I agree, but w/o easy access to the raw logs, that's not an option for many (i.e., managed hosting).

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