Fix error in Enterprise Survey multiple choice question open-ended answer selection

Idea created by clint.brooks on Apr 27, 2017
    Under review

    When completing an Enterprise Survey multiple choice question that allows more than one answer selection and clicking in an open-ended answer text box, the check box for the answer associated with the open-ended text box is changed. If it was selected, it becomes deselected. If it was unselected, it becomes selected.


    Blackboard Support claims this is "functioning as designed," but the problem is that most users will select the check box before filling in the open-ended answer. Doing this clears the check box, changing that part of the answer. Furthermore, if a user notices this and selects the check box again, and then returns to complete the open-ended answer, the check box is deselected once more.


    This is very confusing and runs contrary to typical survey form programming, where each element is turned on and off separate from others.


    I cannot imagine that it was designed to work in such a confusing manner. If not, then it is a bug that needs to be repaired.


    If it was designed that way, it needs to be changed to avoid further confusion.




    Product Version (if applicable):0