Hidden Instructors in Course

Idea created by rh22333 on Apr 25, 2017
    Under review

    Sometimes we have people performing the role of the instructor/professor of the course but should not be listed as an instructor. We created a very slightly modified role we call "Course Administrator" which allows the assistants to do all of the work in the course while the professor gets the "credit" for being the teacher of record. 


    Also, creating this as a new system role would be good for the sys people who have the Self-enroll option too jump into a course and forgets to unenroll. If I am working on a grade center issue, I use my Student Preview records for a blank role to enter the scores in to see if the faculty correctly set up the weighted column correctly but I unenroll upon leaving I have to restart everything.  Also sometimes the students catch my name on course, do a screen grab, and then harass my son who is one of the students on this campus. Okay, insert tease him asking him if I can help them with that course in the time I am resolving the grade center issue.


    Rick Hazlewood

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