In delegated grading My Grades feedback, only list graders who have actually graded

Idea created by pam.harvey on Apr 21, 2017
    Under review

    Here's the scenario: An instructor has 12 TAs in his class. All TAs, as well as the instructor himself, are delegated to grade all submissions in an assignment with a rubric. His process is that as soon as any one of the TAs has graded a student, he grades and reconciles, thereby releasing the grade and feedback to My Grades.


    The problem is that when the student goes to My Grades and clicks View Rubric, all 12 TAs are listed. They have to click through each TA til they find one that has actual grading in it, and even then they continue to click the others in case a second or third TA has graded. And that happened only after I was contacted by the instructor that students couldn't find feedback in the rubrics. I discovered this situation and told him to have the students keep clicking until they found the completed rubric(s).


    My enhancement suggestion is that where there are multiple delegated graders, only those who have graded the submission be listed in the feedback to students.



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