Using Pyramid and Silverlight with Safari on MacBook

Idea created by nate on Apr 20, 2017
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    Here's something I thought I would share as it may save someone out there a little bit of their time.


    We are currently using Pyramid 6.32 and one of our users was not having much luck doing anything on their MacBook using Safari.  They kept receiving a message to install Silverlight.  So they installed Silverlight, yet they kept getting a message that it wasn't installed and that they couldn't fully use Pyramid.


    The problem was that the Silverlight plug-in wasn't enabled for our analytics website on their machine.


    To enable it we did the following:

    • With Safari open, select Safari from the upper left corner.
    • Select Preferences
    • Select the Security tab
    • Make sure that "Allow Plug-ins" is checked
    • Click on "Plug-in Settings...", select Silverlight, and make sure it is enabled for your analytics website.


    There may be other solutions, but this seems to work for us.

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