Change "Course Name" to "Course ID" field for Outcomes Artifact Collections Display Page

Idea created by jv29155 on Apr 17, 2017
    Under review

    We would like a way to be able to easily identify the course modality of a course where artifacts are collected from (ie, we need to know if the artifacts came from a face-to-face course, hybrid course, or web course). At our institution the only way we have to do that currently is by our course IDs.  The section area of each course ID contains either an F, H, or W before the section number.  For example,  17SP.MATH.1314.W03C would be a WEB course because of the "W" in the W03C part.


    Currently artifact collection in Outcomes only identifies course names (which doesn't help us because the names are not unique and don't show what kind of course it is). See this image:

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