Collaborate Ultra: Pending recording processing notification

Idea created by mshelmet on Apr 14, 2017
    Under review

    To put faculty minds at ease, I would recommend that some sort of Pending notification be placed in the Recordings area for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Since there is no way to cancel a recording in a Collaborate Ultra session, this indicator can be placed in the Recordings area as soon as the Moderator clicks on the Record Session option. Then, once the recording is available, it would be processed and listed like all other recordings. You could add a Status column that had entries like Recording, Processing, and Completed. Alternatively, you can simply take advantage of the Duration column and have it list Recording or Processing when the recording is in one of those two states. When it is available, you would simply list the duration, as you do now.


    This is what it would look like to the end user:


    Product Version (if applicable):1