Bulk Add/Remove Survey Author in Enterprise Surveys

Idea created by julie.mulvey on Apr 13, 2017
    Under review

    When staff are replaced, or additional staff need viewing rights - if you have Enterprise Surveys that are created individually (ie each one has tailored questions) then you have to manually add additional survey owners to all the surveys.  I think it would be extremely useful to manage the process by allowing bulk adding a user to multiple surveys in one go.  This is useful when staff are handing over responsibility for surveys to a new member of staff.  Deleting a survey owner should only be allowed if it doesn't leave the survey without an owner.  But when a member of staff leaves the process is the leaving member adds the new member - the new member then has to remove the leaving member.  Sooo time consuming.   I still argue that surveys should be tied to a node rather than an individual that way editing/managing/viewing rights can simply be managed by adding/removing and Admin to a node.

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