Grading assignments: multiple attempts

Idea created by ed0076713 on Apr 12, 2017
    Under review

    The need: When you set an assignment and specify that students have multiple attempts, then you have to indicate which attempt would be graded. I would assume that the Needs grading page will just display that attempt that should be graded. However, it displays ALL the attempts. This is as designed. But the faculty gets confused between all the attempts and what has been graded and what not. So, it seems like the Needs grading page is not that useful when you allow for multiple attempts.


    Desired behavior: Only the attempt that has been indicated when the assignment was created that will be graded, should be displayed on the Needs grading page. The other attempts can be accessed from the Full Grade Center on the View details page. This way as you grade, you can also see how many more you need to grade :-)

    Product Version (if applicable):0