Obstructed Item Titles in Learning Module Menu

Idea created by rd0049918 on Apr 11, 2017
    Under review

    Our institution, like many other Bb users, leverage upon Learning Modules (LM) to create rich, easily comprehensible and engaging learning content. Although a highly efficacious tool, Bb LMs possess a glitch that we have observed over several releases - the inability to fully display longer titled items in its menu. It would be great if Bb LMs allow longer item titles to fully display in its menu even if it were to consume two lines of text. We have attempted to shorten LM item titles as a workaround to this issue but its inevitable, at times, when the title must be adequately long to make sense to the user. Displayed below is a screenshot of the error in question and I do hope that Bb will resolve this immediately in the Original and Ultra version.


    Bb Screenshot - Obstructed LM Menu.png

    Product Version (if applicable):0