Idea created by spraggn on Apr 10, 2017
    Under review

         As a frequent user of blackboard, I just wanted to mention a few ideas that I know would improve my every day use of the tool. So, in the "check my grade" page on the sight, where instructors can leave a comment on a students work. I would like to see an additional option for students to comment back to the instructors, eliminating the need to go and generate an email. The student can then easily ask for tips on what to improve on, ask for input on why they were wrong, or as simple as a thank you if the instructor left a nice review of your work. I know in my experience that upon competing a test, there might be an answer that was marked wrong when it was in fact correct. The ability to just click on the test and leave a comment for your instructor would save a considerable amount of time and promote increased feed back and communication between the student and instructor. An aspect in the online world that can be improved tremendously by little things such as this.   

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