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Idea created by rf0040170 on Apr 7, 2017
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    Problem: When an announcement is sent out via email from Blackboard any Course Link that is associated with it is not displayed in the email.


    Why on Earth would you not include the Course Link in the email?


    This has led to academics sending out announcements which refer to "the link below" which does not appear in the email (though it does in Blackboard itself). This is an easy assumption to make as when they create an announcement it does display the Course Link in Blackboard.


    Additionally the Email Announcement tick box has the description "Send a copy of this announcement immediately". It isn't a copy of the announcement as it appears in Blackboard if it doesn't include the course link. It's more like "Send a copy of just the text of this announcement immediately".


    Yes, academics can put in a hyperlink in the announcement but if that's what they're supposed to do why bother with the Course Link at all?


    Possible Solutions (in order of preference):


    1. The Announcement Email should automatically contain any course links associated with the announcement.

    2. Have a clickable link that takes you to the announcement in Bb which will have the Course link.

    3. Change the tick-box description that says "Send a copy of this announcement immediately" have a disclaimer that clarifies that the email will not include any course links added.

    4. If the Content Link cannot be inserted into the email then there should be a notification automatically inserted into the generated email that states something like: "Please log in to Blackboard to see any Course Links associated with this announcement" and a link to the Blackboard login page.


    I would be interested to hear what the community thinks.


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