"Editor" permission on content zones or folders

Idea created by yoleneors on Apr 3, 2017
    Under review

    This would enable instructors to give permissions to add content (so basically give access to the top toolbar of a content zone in "edit mode on"). Those users wouldn't have access to the course management panel nor the grade center and other sensitive tools.

    The instructor would be able to give those edit rights either in a content area (left menu) or in folders and learning modules.

    The instructor would be able to assign those permissions either to individual users or to a group.

    This would allow flexibility for several types of usecases :


    _ Group areas : groups would be able to "build" course content, it's an interesting way to value their work and encourage decentralized learning. Professors often create groups to work on different topics of the course. This way they could share with the class the result of their work. The professor may also set adaptive release if he means it as a private zone for a group (but then they may as well use forums or file exchange)


    _ Student created content / project based learning

    Again a good way for students to share what they've been learning on their own, encourage them to produce ressources that are shared in a structured way with their class. It's different from blogs because it puts student created content on a equal ground with professor's ressources (except they'd be in a distinct area). Students can be assigned responsible for certain topics and build up a sequence of ressources to learn about it.


    _ Seminars with several instructors (especially in corporate training)

    It's often the case that corporate learners will have a one day seminar where they see 4 professors on different topics. It doesn't make much sense to create 4 course spaces. And if we create a single one and make all professors instructors it may create some problems. With this feature the lead professor or staff would create a content area for each professor and those would have editing rights only on their part.


    _ Streamlined courses with a lead instructor but section teaching assistants.

    There is often the case that a lead professor wants to make sure students get all the "standard" content but also allow teaching assistants to give specific ressources to the section they're teaching to. Instead of creating several courses (one per teaching assistant plus one for the lead professor) this could be handled in a single course with teaching assistants having editor rights on specific zones which have adaptive release for their section only. Those rules would "overrule" the course role, so for example a teaching assistant would by default see the grade center and be able to edit all zones, but once the professor has set "permissions" on the zones then teaching assistants would have edit rights only on specific zones.


    (by the way, side idea: would be great to be able to set adaptive release rules on content zones/left menu  too)

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