Add Same Due Date Restrictions to Assignments as are available in Tests

Idea created by bc0069315 on Apr 3, 2017
    Under review

    So here's the background:


    I was filling in for a Communication course earlier this term while the instructor was out on medical leave.  I had students submit their Assignments online, and in addition to setting a Due Date, I also set a Display Until date, as I do not accept late work.  The benefit to these settings - the due date was on the course calendar and the Assignment would be unavailable, preventing any student from attempting to submit work after the due date.  The con - students couldn't see any assignment feedback because the Assignment was unavailable.


    We need the ability to set a restriction on Assignments that prohibits students from starting and/or submitting their assignment after the Due Date.  This would continue to allow students to see their feedback.  Of course if an instructor allows late work, they could simply not enable that restriction.


    This type of restriction already exists for tests - why not assignments?

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