Customising certificates within Achievement

Idea created by shen.zhang on Apr 3, 2017
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    We are trying to use the Achievements building block in Blackboard. The purpose is to issue certificates for students who have completed a required training. What we have found is that the certificate automatically uses the course/organisation name on the certificate and there doesn't seem to have any options to change that.


    I have attached a sample certificate as an example. The wording that we would like to change is to update the name "BHSc Nursing organisation" to a different wording without having to change the organisation name. The organisation is set up for a broader purpose than just to issue certifications for the training.


    I consider this a bug that Blackboard should be fixing. Posting it here is at their request in the ticket. Please give me some support and hopefully Blackboard can get this fixed as soon as possible.



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    Shen Zhang

    AUT University, Auckland, NZ

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