Tracking email communications

Idea created by ed0076713 on Mar 30, 2017

    The need: Faculty needs to provide evidence of email interventions they took to support identified students who are at risk of failing.

    Unfortunately, Blackboard does not track emails that are sent from the system, whether from the Grade Center or using the Send Email tool.


    What is available:

    When you look at the Retention Center, click on a student's name, you have a Notification button. When you click on this button, that Notification that you sent is recorded in the Notification history - at the bottom of the page. There is also on that page a link called Add a Note. When you add a note, the note is also stored in the Notification History. So, I would suggest that if you send an Email from the Grade Center, to copy that email and add it here to get a full record of the communications sent to the student. However, if you are sending an email to 100 of the 2500 students in your class, this will become an Admin nightmare ....


    The idea

    The ideal would be when you send that email from the Grade Center OR from the Send Email tool that the Notification History could be updated with this emailed information. Alternatively, we need to be able to run an Email report where you can select the student numbers and then it generates all communication that was sent from the lecturer to the student.


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