Graphical Display of 21st-Century Skills

Idea created by rd0049918 on Mar 30, 2017
    Under review

    As content developers push for material to revolve around 21st century skills and competencies, it would be great if Blackboard allow developers to create a library of competencies and tag icons for each of these individual skills. Once a Blackboard item (activity/test) is tagged to a set of skills, the corresponding skill icons should subsequently appear beneath the item title. This way, students can visually see at a glance what they are being assessed on and expected of before proceeding to complete the item. Example: A Science activity exploring the process of photosynthesis would include the following icons as part of its associated competencies: Scientific Process Skills; Creative Understanding; Innovative Thinking; ICT Skills; and Global Climate Awareness.


    Currently, Blackboard has the ability to build goals but these goals cannot be graphically displayed within the item.

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